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About Antyplagius

Matrix similarity analysis of texts


Antyplagius is one of the results of scientific research on text-mining algorithms.

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The application does not contain implemented language-dependent word-formation rules and is based on language-universal algorithms.

Application possibilities

Selected items

Privacy: analysis performed only on the local computer (based on own local databases) - the program does not send files to the server

Spanish and Romanian (

Searching for documents on the disk

based on the terms entered by the user, taking into account their similarity, and not only identity to the words that make up the document

Searching for files (

Technical specifications

No built-in restrictions on analysis (e.g. size and number of analyzed documents). The only limitation are the parameters of the computer on which the analysis is performed

  • Preferred Microsoft Windows 10 and above.

    Linux with the latest Wine software.

  • 02 Supported files

    .bmp, .csv, .docx, .gif, .htm, .html, .jpeg, .jpg, .log, .odt, .pdf (+ scans), .png, .pptx, .rtf, .sql, .tex, .txt, .xlsx, .xml and more.

  • To check the license and program updates.


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